Record & manage your health
Monitor health before & after birth
Access your whole family's health records
Manage your loved ones' chronic conditions
Partner with your doctor for better health

Take charge of your health & start your own health record.

You’ve never had control over your health records… until now. LifeDoc™ allows you to keep your own personal and family health records electronically in one place, selectively sharing it with healthcare professionals and family members for easier and better management of your or their health.

Easy to Record & Manage Your Health

LifeDoc™ allows you to easily record, store, track, manage and selectively share your past and present health information. LifeDoc™ lets you record allergies,conditions, treatments, vital signs and medications for example. You can import your medical aid claims, set up reminders for immunisations, doctor’s appointments, script renewals, and so much more. Choose exactly what you want to share with whom, from healthcare professionals to family members. LifeDoc™ helps your doctor and you manage your health better, from making better diagnoses or treatment decisions to taking preventative measures.

Your Health Information is Safe & Secure

LifeDoc™ follows the best available industry practices in data security. You register and capture your information onto an encrypted database via a SSL-certified site. Your personal information is not shared with any third parties and you can restrict doctor and family access to selected fields.

Yours to Control in One Place for Life

LifeDoc™ is your personal and family health record for life enabling you to keep an up-to-date account of all the important health events from the past and present in one place. LifeDoc™ is independent of medical aids, doctors and other healthcare providers. This means your information is accessible by you at any point in your life no matter any changes in providers or employers. It’s up to you to use LifeDoc™ in a way that works for you, add photos, images, information, attachments, folders and notes as you wish.

For You or the Whole Family

Whether you only look after your own health or the health of your whole family, LifeDoc™ makes keeping track of it all easy. Record and track your own vital signs, health events and family history to prevent disease or manage chronic conditions. For families, LifeDoc™ keeps everyone’s information in one place and at hand when needed, with reminders an added convenience. LifeDoc™ is for life, use its special features to manage trying to conceive, pregnancy, childhood development and any other health event or condition. 

There for You in an Emergency

In a emergency, LifeDoc™ allows medical personnel access to your in Case of Emergency (ICE) information, when you are unable to share it with them. This may include details such as allergies, blood group, medical aid, chronic medication, next of kin. Healthcare professionals can access this vital information using your ID number, name or vehicle registration number. An associate member fubction means you can also give family members access to your selected information, such as a Living Will.

Affordable & Cost-saving

At only R35 per month for a main member and R10 per month for every additional family member, you can take advantage of all Lifedoc`s benefits. LifeDoc Lite, a basic version, is also available for FREE. Save money on healthcare costs by avoiding repeat tests when you share results or when doctors make more accurate diagnoses or detect early health concerns using your LifeDoc records.

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